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Growing Releaf is a dispensary with a heart. Providing medical as well as recreational customers with premium quality cannabis products is only part of what Growing Releaf does for the Beaverton community. Our dispensary negotiates with growers and other producers of cannabis to bring our customers the best products for the best prices possible. Check out our menu to see more of what we offer.


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We strive to carry at least 6 Sativa, 6 Indica, and 6 Hybrid strains at varying price points for every budget.


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Select ELITE natural flavors serves up a sophisticated, sublime, and singular experience.

If you haven’t tried the new Select Jupiter cartridges and batteries, you are in for a treat!


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Medicine Farm Botanicals

Dragon’s Blend is best used to help recover from strenuous activities, tired feet, arthritis, muscle tension, bruising, and joint pain. It also works WONDERS on menstrual cramps!




Voted by Leafly as Best Oregon Dispensary in 2016!


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Our cannabis dispensary location is just outside downtown Beaverton. Easy to access, our location accepts patrons 21+, whether recreational or OMMP with ID for check in. We specialize in premium cannabis flower, as well as a selection of delicious prerolls, edibles and potent concentrates. Have questions? Our knowledgeable budtenders will guide you through the options for an elevated experience.