Excited to Serve Washington County and Multnomah County Medical Marijuana Patients

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We are excited for the opportunity to serve the medical marijuana community in Beaverton and surrounding areas. After experiencing the benefits of medical marijuana first hand, the founders or Growing ReLeaf wanted to have a true patient resource center in Beaverton. “If you want something done right, do it yourself”, was the motto that brought a vision to life. Growing ReLeaf is proud to claim an extremely dedicated approach to providing cannabis as a form of medicine.

We didn’t stop at flowers and edibles. While we maintain a complete line of high quality buds and medicinal munchies, we also stock concentrates, salves, sensual oils, and more. We update our menu daily so you can always check out what we have. Don’t hesitate to stop by or give us a call anytime with any questions you may have. If you discover a form of medicine that you do not see in our shop, please let us know. If you find something that is providing you ReLeaf, there is a strong change it could help someone else as well.

Please do check back, we plan to keep you up to date with the latest development in Medical Marijuana related laws that affect patients in the Portland metropolitan area.

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  1. Hi, I am a looking for pain relief and help with sleep. I have chronic pain. I’m told cbd products are what I need. I
    tried thc elixir and felt awful. Don’t need the dull in the head feeling?. Plan to come in Friday for a chat with you.
    Thanks, Debi Brooks

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