Recreational Marijuana available at Growing ReLeaf starting October 1st, 2015

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Growing ReLeaf in Beaverton, an OMMP Dispensary, will be selling recreational marijuana to the public. Here is what you need to know…

Who can buy recreational marijuana?

Anyone 21 years and older can purchase marijuana at dispensaries.

What can I buy?

At this time, non-OMMP customers can purchase flower also knows as “buds” or “nugs” from dispensaries.
You can also purchase 4 clones or starter plants.

How much can I buy per day?

Non-OMMP customers can purchase a 1/4 ounce per day, or 7 grams of flower for recreational use.

What can I not buy and why not?

Recreational customers cannot purchase extracts, concentrates, marijuana infused foods and drinks, topicals or other variations of marijuana. At this time, these forms are only available to Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card holders. This will probably change next year when the OLCC rolls out new regulations.

How much does marijuana cost?

You should expect to see costs of $10-15 per gram. There is currently no sales tax on marijuana, however, that might change.

Where can I buy recreational marijuana?

Well for starters, Growing ReLeaf in Beaverton would be a good choice! While we take pride in our dedication to the medicinal value of marijuana, we are happy to serve the recreational community as well. Recreational marijuana is being sold at approved medical dispensaries, however, it is up to the dispensary if they want to provide to the recreational customers.

What will I need to purchase recreational marijuana?

You will need a valid drivers license or government issued ID that proves you are of legal age.

What information will the dispensary report when I purchase marijuana?

Dispensaries are not required to report your name. They are required to report whether you bought, flower, joints, plants and the amount. They will also record your birthdate, sale price and date.

I’m from out of state, can I purchase marijuana?

You sure can. Anyone over the age 21 is able to purchase marijuana at an approved dispensary, like us!

Can I get marijuana delivered?

Nope. The state does not allow it.

Where can I partake of the marijuana after I buy it?

In a private place, out of public view.