Calling All Local Artists!

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We are a small, independently owned cannabis dispensary that survives on the support and patronage of the PDX community. That said, we’d love to give a little something back to our artistic friends in the community to show them our support.

We have three 11” x 14” portrait frames on the wall in our check-in lobby. We would love to fill these frames each month with paintings, collages, photographs, whatever inspires you! We will not charge any type of fee or commission to have your artwork displayed in our dispensary, we just ask that you advertise on your social media outlets that your art is displayed at Growing ReLeaf. Selected artwork will rotate each month.




Email your art samples to Files must be at a maximum of 72 dpi. Files should be watermarked with your name.

Please include a statement about why you would like your artwork featured in our store. If cannabis helps your creative process, tell us what your favorite strain is and why!  Please be advised, you must be 21 or older to enter.

We love your style and can’t wait to see your submissions!
-Your Friends at Growing ReLeaf



How much is Growing ReLeaf going to charge me to display my art?
Nothing at all.

How will people who are interested in my work purchase my art?
We’ll provide your contact details directly to interested shoppers.

What’s my risk here?
Very little. However, keep in mind that your art pieces are not covered by our insurance. Display at your own risk.

So, how much space will I have?
We have a pretty large spot picked out just for you! Come check out the space in person!