About Beaverton’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Growing ReLeaf is owned by Nyah Kiley; a businessman at heart and a Commercial Airline Pilot, FAA certified Flight Instructor, College Lecturer, and has worked with International companies including General Electric. He is also an International and World Gold Medalist in Mixed Martial Arts.

Nyah Kiley is himself an OMMP card holder. After earning a prestigious pilot slot in the USAF, he later had a near fatal event and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). This has resulted in multiple surgeries and recurrent hospitalizations. After years of being adverse to trying Medical Marijuana, the ReLeaf that was provided through MMJ made him a true believer and made it a personal endeavor to support the movement to provide Medical Marijuana to those in need.

Living in Beaverton, there was no medical marijuana dispensary close by that provided Nyah with what he was looking for, so with the attitude of “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” he took on the responsibility of becoming Beaverton’s First and Finest Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Growing ReLeaf opened in February of 2015, and since then has provided Beaverton with the highest quality medicine available. Our goal is to be a place of education for OMMP patients.